Weekend of 9.21.12

4:31 PM

Even though my sickness/sinus infection continued into the weekend we managed to have a bit of fun. Saturday we drove to Charlottesville where we strolled through downtown and stopped in the most darling little baby boutique and picked up a few things for baby. We had lunch on the patio of a Thai restaurant that restored our faith in Thai food (our fave spot in Georgetown just isn't the same anymore, sadly). Oh and there was an awesome restaurant with a bubble machine that filled the whole street in front of us with bubbles! Bubbles are awesome. Bubbles at sunset are even more awesome!!
Sunday Kevin made us pumpkin pancakes (unreal!)! Well he made them and I fried them as I happen to be better at that. Later that afternoon he painted our brick fireplace white while I lay on the couch going through my fifth box of tissues... By the way it may be the cheapest, most drastic and best update you can make to a room! We are over the moon about the new look!!
I hope y'all had a lovely weekend too!

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3 notes

  1. Beautiful! Sorry you are still not feeling good :( Hope this week is better! Miss you!

  2. Dasha - Thank you! I think I'm finally almost all better (yay!!) Miss you too sweetie! xo

  3. Pumpkin pancakes on such beautiful dishes! Looks delish!! xx Marisa


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