28 weeks

7:07 AM

I'm 28 weeks today and a week into my third trimester. According to what everyone tells me this is when it stops being fun. So far it seems about right. For the past couple of months everyone has been telling me how small I look considering how far along I am. Now mind you the baby is measuring just fine at every appointment. Well I finally found out why I "look" small, I'm carrying super high and mostly inside. And I have to tell you it's taking it's toll. I've been having excruciating rib pain for the past week or so and it basically feels like my rib cage has popped open and splayed out, which apparently is pretty much what is happening. I can still wear all my same pants but bras feel like torture devices. I pray every night this belly will start to drop... at least a little. 
I also have a yucky appointment today. I have my glucose test (ick) and they're be doing blood work in preparation for the RhoGAM shot I'll be getting later that week (turns out I'm Rh negative). So wish me luck with all this poking and prodding!
Basically a lot of not fun stuff this week but nevertheless I am still incredibly grateful for how healthy this baby is and that everything is progressing wonderfully thus far. We're almost there!

P.S. My cousin graciously gifted me her pregnancy pillow and it has significantly helped with the rib pain so if any of you have or will have the same problem I highly recommend it!

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  1. Awww...you're such a cute little pregnant gal! Sorry for your discomfort...I can only imagine. My brother has five kids and I wonder how my sister-in-law went through that five times (and she did natural births...yikes!).

  2. So adorable! Hope all the tests went well! :)

  3. Aw you are such a cute mama to be!

    xo Jennifer


  4. Karin - Thank you so much!! FIve?! Yikes! What a trooper! xo

    Dasha - Thank you! Don't know about the glucose test yet but I assume since they haven't called it's fine :) xo

    Jennifer - Thank you so much! xo


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