hello from the south!

7:50 AM

We are about to get in the car and make the last leg of our journey back home! It honestly feels like ages since we left and although we've had a wonderful time we're all really looking forward to being home. I'm especially looking forward to having Birdie back in her crib since she boycotted the pack-n-play a week ago and thanks to that I have gotten kicked in the face all night in addition to the fifty bathroom runs I have to make. I'm also looking forward to restocking our fridge, cooking us some delicious meals in my kitchen and seeing our sweet miss Bella who my parents have been graciously watching for us. 
I can't wait to share all about our adventures down south with y'all though! I truly forgot just how beautiful Tennessee is, especially in the spring. And Nashville... oh Nashville... I have so many photos and so much gushing to do about that city. But that's for another post! 
I hope you have had a lovely weekend (we enjoyed temperatures verging on 90!!) and I wish you all the best this week! And hey! Summer is practically here!!

^ gorgeous floor at pinewood social in nashville ^

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