a hat for a rainy day

8:04 AM

hat - target, top - hatch, pants - target, boots - hunter, bag - rebecca minkoff

I can't believe it's that time again, the time when my outfit photos have become "maternity outfit photos." It seems like yesterday when I was taking these with Birdie growing inside me. Life has a funny way of running off without out you, cheekily stopping every now and then waiting for you to catch up. 
I have so much to say about "dressing the bump" (that's a really awful colloquialism isn't it?) this time around. It's funny how much your ideas about everything from a birth plan to maternity clothes can change in the course of two pregnancies. That is all to say that I will be doing a separate post on that subject very soon but in the meantime I wanted to share this outfit that I wore out a few weeks ago. I think I was about 13 weeks here and yes already in a maternity top! Three cheers for being comfortable am I right?!

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