a week's worth of odds & ends

8:47 AM

^ always stealing my smoothies ^
^ trying to kick papa bear's allergies with these oils ^
^ sending some photos to loved ones ^
^ my "herb garden of sorts ^
We've been sleeping with our bedroom window wide open every night and that means that every morning we wake up to the sound of birds chirping and that just pretty much guarantees a good day in my book.
What can I say about this week that hasn't already been said in my last post? It's spring and we are eating up by the spoonful, every delicious sunny and warm bite of it. Seeing Birdie making her way around our yard makes me happy beyond belief. There would be days when she was a newborn, those hard dark days, when the only thing I could do was tell myself that one day things will be different - one day she will hold my hand and we will walk together. I could have never imagined how wonderful that dream coming true would feel. She loves being outside! The moment we open our front door she will gingerly step over the bump and off she goes galavanting onto the deck!
So much of this week has also been spent focusing on our health and wellness as a family and it feels so great to be intentional about that. We've both been hitting the gym more than ever and we are really starting to see all kinds of positive results from Whole30. I've also decided to try and find an alternative way of dealing with papa bear's allergies. He's been taking benadryl ever day since I've met him and I want to believe that there's a better way. I'll let you know if we find anything that works.
There's talk of rain for this weekend but I'm still excited about it, after this winter I'll happily take anything that isn't snow. Wishing you and yours a lovely one as well!!

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