a family of... four!

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We are so thrilled to finally share our big news with you!! We are going to be a family of four come this October! To be honest it still hasn't completely sunk in. It was a total surprise when we found out and we've been bursting with excitement, anticipation and some trepidation ever since. We always thought Birdie would be a bit older before we would bring another baby into our family but as with most things in life now that it's really happening we see just how perfect the timing is. 
I'm fifteen weeks along now and finally feeling better after a rough first trimester that I spent bedridden or throwing up. This pregnancy has kind of thrown me for a loop as it has been much more difficult than my first. But the good news is I've been feeling the baby much more and earlier than I ever did with Birdie. I don't know if it's the fact that I know what to expect but I've been feeling those first flutterings for a few weeks now and my goodness if it isn't the best feeling in the whole world! Now that I feel like myself again I'm actually surprised by how excited I am about the pregnancy - I'm loving seeing this little baby grow inside my and change the way I look. 
Every night when we climb in bed papa bear is so anxious about feeling the baby move. I tell him it's too early for him to feel anything yet so he just rubs my blossoming belly instead and asks me how the baby is doing today. More often or not this rolls into a conversation about all those questions we have about this child that we have yet to meet. There is nothing more wonderful than bringing home this tiny little baby that will open up and bloom like a flower before your very eyes, layers peeling away revealing someone so special and so unique. I just can't wait to meet him or her!!
Photos are courtesy of the lovely Saraya Cheney. We did a little family shoot with her (probably one of the last of us as a family of three) and I can't wait to share more of the photos with you and properly introduce Saraya as she was such a joy to work with! 

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