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9:54 AM

This week was a doozy. Lots of running around. A not-so-fun doctors appointment (but I suppose when are they ever fun??). And Birdie hasn't been feeling well since last week so it hasn't been easy. But! November is still proving to be a wonderful month. Even in the midst of some yucky things here and there I'm finding myself smiling at all the hope and excitement that is laced in the air so beautifully this time of year. Talks of first snows, the faint sound of a Christmas carol here and there, looking forward to upcoming trips to see family and enjoy hearty slices of pumpkin pie and oh my gosh it's almost Birdie's first birthday!! So in between the busyness I've had visions of balloons, cakes and presents dancing around in my head and that makes my head a very lovely place to be. In fact I bought her very first present this week and I've quite literally been bursting with excitement to give it to her. It's a hand puppet and I just know she'll be crazy about it!!
^ it finally got cold enough to enjoy our fireplace!! ^
Since Birdie's birthday is so close to Christmas we've decided that we will always hold off on Christmas decor, music, etc until after her birthday so that that day will always feel special and "hers" to our sweet girl. However, I couldn't resist this snow globe at Target and we decided to make an exception in it's case since it's not overtly Christmassy so to speak. And of course she loved it! It plays music too!!
^ our warm socks have been in heavy rotation this week ^
I also just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for YOU. Every day I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful community here, I never take it for granted. You are all such inspiring women and mothers and you make this space such a joy. Thank you for your support, your kind words, your advice and just all the love you have shown me. You are all truly the best!

Have a wonderful weekend my dears!! It's FRIDAY!!!!

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  1. My son's bday is early December, so I've always held fast to the no-Christmas-decorations-til after-birthday "rule." Last year, our daughter was born 12/21 so I can't say the same for her. Uh oh. Guess we'll have to get creative with setting her big day apart! That snow globe has me wishing for some real snow this year...

  2. Oh my gosh that's my mum's birthday!! Yes, creativity will definitely be key! But I'm sure as long as she feels loved it all won't matter in the end :). And I am soooo anxiously anticipating snow! Definitely hope we get a lot this year!


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