chicest bib you ever did see

9:29 AM

^ buttons on the back! amazing right??? ^
scarf - gap, sweatigan - f21*, jeans - ae, bag - kate spade, shoes - shoemint

Guys it's time I admitted openly that I simply don't have a lot of common sense. Case in point - the day I ate a taco while driving and wearing this scarf. See a normal person would look at crunchy taco and the thick brownish red sauce oozing out and would say to themselves "this is going to be messy, especially since I'm driving so I better take it off." And and an even better person would say "I probably shouldn't eat while driving." What does an idiot say??? Nothing. An idiot bites into the taco like a wolf that's been starved for ten years and ends up with half the taco on their nice new white scarf. The idiot being me, of course. 
The incident happened last year and the scarf has since been cleaned, as much as possible, though there are some spots I'm always hiding under my hair that are lovely reminders of just how dumb I can be sometimes. In fact papa bear and I joke that my "infinity scarves" are really more like "bib scarves" since I can never remember to take them off before eating. So if we ever meet in person and you get a slight whiff of potato soup it is not potato scented perfume that I'm wearing, it's actual potatoes. I figure if I ever get trapped in my car during some blizzard on a mountain I can count on always finding some snacks inside one of my scarves. So it turns out I'm actually really resourceful! Like a squirrel! Which happens to be one of my favorite animals to be drawn, made into a stuffed animal or featured in a cartoon. I actually can't stand real squirrels. Have you ever seen one up close?? RABIES!!! That's all I see when I look at their mangy fur. So yeah, squirrels? They're only cute in movies, books and drawings. Or as a sugar dish, ornament or toy. 

*this is the cardigan/sweater thing I mentioned last week. I have since declared it my sweatigan!

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