flying/traveling with a one year old

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Anyone can tell you that traveling/flying with a one year old is significantly different from doing the same with a six month old (or less). Babies are so much more active (read: antsy) at this age and it takes a three ring circus to keep them entertained. Suffice to say we were apprehensive about our travel day yesterday (full day of flying and two plane changes!). I did a lot of planning beforehand to try and ensure as seamless and smooth of an experience as possible for all of us. 

Let me start out by saying that we adore our Stokke stroller but after taking it to Florida with us this past summer we quickly realized that it is not airport friendly. So the solution we found was researching a good, reliable but cheap umbrella stroller. We ended up going with the Chicco Echo, which we got for less than $70 on sale. It was sturdy, comfortable for Birdie, had great storage and came with a cup holder (must. have. cup holder). Oh and it reclines!! It's a snap to collapse and gets fairly small so I would say for the price it was the total package. 

In addition as I mentioned in my last travel with baby post we used the Solly Baby wrap through security (so helpful to keep hands free), headphones on the plane ride for watching shows and listening to music (she falls asleep to HAIM), board books, small and silent toys and lots of snacks as well as a bottle for take off and landing as always. Additionally, we had some pretty long layovers (what one won't do for a cheap flight) so we packed a thin but large blanket to spread out for helping to get the wiggles out (airport floors are yucky, obviously). The blanket was key to her wearing herself out from crawling before each flight. We also took her to a toy store and let her play and crawl around for a good half hour which did wonders for her mood. 

I actually didn't expect her to sleep at all on the flights since they weren't always during her normal nap times but she surprised us by sleeping a full three hours during our longest leg! Not sure what to attribute that to other than lots and lots of crawling before boarding. I have to say I think papa bear and I were both more bothered by all the traveling yesterday than Birdie was. We consider ourselves very, very lucky. 

Lastly, in case any of you will be traveling to colder areas like us I put together a list of things we packed in order to keep baby extra warm and cozy:

*this is a referral link & I would be forever grateful if you chose to use it! xo

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