the awkward bangs stage

9:19 AM

clip -, blouse - target, skirt - thrifted, tights - kate spade, shoes - shoemint

I forgot how much growing out bangs sucks. I'm in that stage where I do a side bang and then they always pop out awkwardly making it seem like my hair has a valance. Ugh... So for Christmas I don't want any puppies or brown paper packages tied up with bows I just want no more bangs. And long hair. I that too much?? I hope not. Because I really miss my long hair now. I do this thing where I'll sit on iphoto for like an hour lamenting my long hair of yore. It's all very tragic. You know how we ladies are with our hair - we always want what we don't have and it's all very emotional and Alanis Morisette-y (speaking of which she has some glorious locks no?).
On a positive note I'm absolutely obsessed with this wool skirt I picked up at Goodwill a few months ago. I wear it constantly and with it being gray and "basic" it makes it easy to pair with pretty much anything I have in my closet. I used to buy a lot when I would go thrifting, now I'm a bit wiser and older and just look for that one "find" because you'll rarely have more than one in the same trip. Less mistakes and many more keepers this way so it's a fairly good system. Oh and in case you're wondering Winchester has the best Goodwill, I've found some darling things there for Birdie (lots of old-timey crochet sweaters and the like). 

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