Swings & slides on a Saturday

8:21 AM

We spent our weekend at Lake Anna with my parents. After a less than stellar past couple of weeks it was just what we needed. It's nice to have an extra pair of hands from time to time. 
We were blessed with such gorgeous weather on Saturday - blue skies and a pleasant breeze. It even got warm enough for us to ditch our coats!
The walk to the lake from the cabin was long and conversations shifted here and there. At one point I found my mind drifting. Drifting towards that blue sky I've missed so much. And I got to thinking about how silly most things really are, good or bad. Perhaps it's the fact that papa bear and I have been focusing on the bigger picture as of late and yet I think it's also the fact that as I grow older I tend to overlook the "small stuff" and take in the more enduring aspects of life. And so I found myself thinking about how amidst all the tweets and daily musings in the end we're all living this big life. Our life. I bet you inside every single person is a dream so wonderful and huge it would make your heart break. Amidst the packing of lunches, drives to and fro, loads of laundry, showers and phone calls we're all really just trying to make this or that dream happen - a family, an education, a career, a miracle... 
For some reason once we grow up it's as if we become ashamed of telling anyone "what we want to be when we grow up." Think about it. Children love that question. I bet you used to tell people how you couldn't wait to be a ballerina, fireman, chef, magician, vet, etc. And now? How many people's dreams do you know of? Most of us hide it away deep inside some cavern of our soul. Hoping that perhaps one day the stars will align and our dream will be born into this world. Obviously I don't need to tell you that in fact that is not at all how dreams are born into reality. But perhaps the first step is really just saying it out loud, releasing it into the wild and letting life have it's way with it until it returns to you stronger and braver and ready to fight. Because you have to fight to have your dream come alive and live. 
I'll go first. More than anything in this world it is my utmost dream, biggest desire and passion to counsel people. I became smitten with the field of psychology my freshman year of college and I still live and breath it. I've had a few detours on my way to making this dream a reality but now I feel like I am about to embark on a new chapter that will be the next stepping stone that paves the way to a little sofa, in a little office, with a little sign... Dr...
Now it's your turn! I'm daring you to share with me, with all of us, to say out loud what is that dream that continues to burn or smolder inside you?!

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