I hate you winter

10:45 AM

The above photo was taken this morning. I opened our front door and discovered essentially an entire foot of snow that had blanketed everything. I am no longer enamored with this white monster. I no longer find it cute. To get a full taste of my ire here is a list of all the problems this snow has caused:
  • we couldn't get our car up the hill yesterday
  • which meant that we had to push a stroller up the hill with a very unhappy baby
  • which meant that we got home exhausted, wet & cold 
  • we also have essentially nothing to eat
  • the power went out a couple hours ago
  • it is now very cold
  • we are stuck with nothing to do, nothing to eat & no water or heat
To say that I am over winter is a gross understatement. It has made the past couple of weeks unbearable. We are just dying for some sunshine, perhaps a tiny little patch of green grass and that magical temperature that allows one to drive with one's windows rolled down. It has felt like the longest, coldest winter and our bones are weary and our shoulders are sagging under the weight of heavy coats and heavy hearts. We've never needed a change more - more sun, more warmth, more blossoming and no more coats, hats, frost bitten hands, shoveling, scarves and no more snooooooooowwwwwww.

Perhaps if we collectively wish hard enough spring will actually come. I'm going to shut my eyes real tight, cross my fingers and wish real, real hard. 

Wake me up when the snow is gone.

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