Peas & carrots (or something like that)

8:15 AM

sweater - J. Crew, jeans - Target, shoes - Converse, hair clip -

Basically I was going to make some witty quip about how pears go together with something but really guys, I couldn't come up with anything other than brie (so good) but that doesn't seem to work. I suppose only peas and carrots go together like that. But! I do think this pear sweater goes with these polka dot jeans. So it all works out!
The other day I came across the Facebook page of one of my best friends from Wisconsin from my PK days. She introduced me to Furbies (didn't they make a comeback this year?) and we used to daydream on her bed bedecked with horses. The girl really loved her horses - she had horse print sheets, posters of horses, all her stuffed animals were horses and there were of course a myriad of shirts featuring... you got it: horses. I caught my first fish with her on a family fishing trip, milked a cow and learned her mum's Christmas cookie secrets. Whenever I spent time at her farm house I always felt free, innocent and just plain happy. 
And it so warmed my heart to see to see that she is still that same girl even if she is technically a woman. She married a great guy, they have two most darling little wee ones (seriously cuter boys have never been seen) and they live such a simple happy life. It made me want to give her the biggest hug. So many people in my life have changed since we were kids. So many have become bitter, cynical or just plain mean. Life took their joy, their innocence and their sense of happiness. So when I came across these photos just radiating with peace and love I was overwhelmed with happiness for her. In life good things don't always happen to good people but it's nice when they do.*
Now I'm craving some of her mum's legendary Christmas cookies...

*I'm not just basing this on the photos. My parents still keep in touch with her family & they have echoed the same sentiments that I saw permeating through the photos.

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