80s Circus Girl

6:35 AM

sweater - Madewell, jeans - A&F, socks & watch - Target, shoes - Steve Madden (old), bobbi - ban.do

Usually I like to stalk my purchases for a few weeks before I buy them, just to make sure we're really meant to be. This sweater was a different story. I was just about to rush out of Madewell when I spied with my little eye something ever so pretty peeking out of a rack. I pulled it out and oh my it was even better than the quarter of it I first saw! It was so George Michael, so "Sussudio," it was the 80s but elevated. So I bought it. Right there. On the spot. Didn't even try it on for size. Also? Best purchase ever. It has not left my body since Sunday. 
I gotta be honest with you guys... sometimes this whole mama/work/wife/person thing wears me out. I'm loving it all, I really am. And I'm having fun too, doing it all. But sometimes I feel like I'm one of those cows we see so often around here that is just dead asleep standing up. The feed, play, emails, eat, work, play, dishes, feed, play, emails, baths, work, feed, play, emails, cook, eat, feed, play, work... It does a number on me. It reminds me of that line from a trailer for a movie that I didn't see, wow that was a really long explanation, in which one new mum says to her friend: "Why don't they tell you it's this hard???" and her friend replies "Actually, that's exactly what they tell you." It's just a lot of doing stuff. And it's weird that the only down time I really get is in my sleep. The days of "vegging" out sure are gone. 
So to all my fellow mamas: y'all rock!! And this reminds me - lets not be so hard on each other. We're all doing our best so if anything lets spread love, even if it is in our sleep (hey even the "idea" of spreading love is better than nothing right?!).

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