A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

11:11 AM

The makings of the most divine chocolate cake
The cake in question
A mobile for Birdie (which she LOVES)
Tulle on a pretty girl
Kisses from mama
Well we finally made it to spring break!! Our house will be buzzing with preparations - we'll be packing, laundering & cleaning. I hate coming home to a messy house so there's a lot to do before we leave tomorrow. We're spending Easter with our families and I'm bursting with excitement over the fact that this is Birdie's first Easter! I doubt it will be the one she remembers but it's going to be special nevertheless. I hear there's talk of 60 degrees on Sunday and I'm hoping the rumors are true as her Easter dress has short sleeves and it would be a shame if she couldn't wear it. 
Also, I wanted to do a little something different this week and share a few links to some things I've been enjoying this week. I can't promise I'll always do it but I promise I'll try!

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