hello coffee my old friend

10:19 AM

sweater - j.crew, tank - target, jeans - gap, shoes - converse

I drink so much coffee lately it's kind of frightening. I didn't even use to like iced coffee but I'll pretty much drink anything that's caffeinated at this point. I feel like you can handle about three months of poor sleep but by the time you hit the fourth month your body just gives up. We're just hangin' on here hoping for things to improve. And I will say that normally we would start sleep training at this point but I don't know, I feel like because of his acid reflux I just can't do it yet. I nurse him whenever he wakes up and he sleeps in bed with us after his first wake up (usually around 12 or 1). His reflux is controlled with the meds he is on but I can't help but think that he still doesn't feel one hundred percent better and the idea of letting him cry until he falls asleep himself is horrifying to me right now. 
So we persevere, coffee in hand!

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  1. You look amazing girl! I feel you on the sleep, or lack thereof. The exhaustion grows deeper by the day! We are at 6 months and finally starting to get more sleep! I love having my baby girl with me, and nurse her whenever she needs. It's worth it to me.


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