it's all one big adventure and lessons in potty training

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Papa bear has had two snow days so far this week and let me tell you it has been outstanding to have him here with us. We soaked up every minute and were all very sad to see him head back to work today. But honestly how can we even complain?? Especially when yesterday he got to join us for Teddy's GI doctor's appointment. It was such a relief to not have to lug both kids through the parking garage, up elevators, and maneuver the stroller into tiny exam rooms all by myself. The appointment was all good news so we though we would celebrate by grabbing lunch as a family at Krog Street Market. 
Of course this meant more strapping, bucking, unstrapping, maneuvering, zipping, clipping and "did you remember to grab... x,y and z." Eventually we got inside, ordered food and Birdie's eyes lit up like a traffic light when she saw we got her "fies" (aka - fries)!! She immediately started munching away, seemingly unaffected by the fact that they were a little hot. Usually if something is not ice cold it is deemed "HOT" and thus cannot be eaten for a minimum of three hours... Well apparently she made an exception for the fries. We were all eating happily when she announces "pee pee potty." My first though was "Great! I'll run her to the car where we have her potty, she can go and we'll come back." Soon my thoughts were interrupted with the sound of running water however and we had a little "situation" on our hands. Being the superstar mum that I am of course I didn't pack a change of clothes either (she hadn't had any accidents out so far in my defense...). So here we were in a public eating area with a significant puddle under our toddler's high chair... We braced for a meltdown. Instead she looked down, said "oh no!" and continued to shovel fries in her mouth. 
So we did what any good parent would do - mopped up the pee with napkins and continued to shove fries in our mouths. I mean fries get cold SO QUICK so we just had to enjoy them before they weren't quiet as enjoyable. Of course before leaving we managed to sanitize the area for any toddlers that would be using the chair in the future and removed Birdie's wet clothes and back in the stroller she went. Lucky it was a dress and tights type situation so sans tights it was like nothing happened! So moral of the story is - if your child pees in public make sure to have hot fries readily available and everyone will be happy and spared of a meltdown! 
Later that night papa bear and I wondered to each other why we do this, you know the lugging, clipping, etc... all for a quick lunch? And we couldn't really come up with a good answer except that nevertheless it's worth it. Sure it's a lot of trouble but who can argue with the memory of a delicious meal that I didn't have to make, serve and clean up after??? 
And last but not least for the sake of Birdie I should mention that this was her first accident in two weeks and I think she was just sooooo distracted by those "fies" that she forgot she had to go. Other than that she is doing a wonderful job at going potty and depleting our m&m supply!! So praise!

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