birdie + teddy's playroom tour

9:03 AM

It has now been over six months that we have been in this house and I think we can finally call it a "home." The smells, sights and sounds are familiar now and there's a palpable feeling of "we're home" anytime that we return to it after being away. It's not a perfect home (my heart still dreams of a gleaming white kitchen) but it serves us so very well during this season of our life and for that I am very grateful.
Without a doubt our very favorite room in the entire house is the playroom. I remember when we viewed this home for the first time last June and when I saw all the gorgeous light that poured into the room I knew right then and there that this would be the room where our children played. And every day when I come down the stairs and round the corner and hear Birdie singing to herself or Teddy's little grunts it makes my heart sing! It's the warmest and brightest room in the house and in six short months it has given us so many wonderful memories - dance parties and reading time the teepee and cuddles and laughs.
I took these photos a few weeks ago and we have since added a little table and chairs for Birdie since she loves to color and draw. It just took a little bit of rearranging and we were still able to keep the area in the middle mostly clear of any toys. She has fallen so in love with that little corner that she now demands to do absolutely everything there - eating, coloring, reading... you name it!

Sources: teepee, rug, pouf, kitchen, cow wheely, barn, chandelier (we have the small version of this), baskets, stuffed globe, stuffed toys, moose print, blocks, book caddy. If there's anything I missed that you would like to know about just let me know!

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  1. This is so insanely perfect, I love everything! Perhaps the books most of all, but really everything! So much color and light! Well done, mama.

  2. I would also live in this room! What a dream space for the kids!

    Katie // Lublyou

  3. The playroom is so adorable. And I love Birdie's name. The that was my grandmothers name!

  4. I'm curious about the Ana Karenina book for babies!


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