8:16 AM

birdie: after years of spending most of my days with mute creatures (my daughter and dog) I had the most wonderful moment this week when I realized that I now have a friend with me during the day. Birdie and I have conversations, I can ask her to do things, she'll tell me stories or what she wants for lunch and it has made such a difference! It has made me feel infinitely less lonely and bonded me even closer to my sweet girl. I couldn't feel more grateful!
teddy: our sweet boy has been teething bad this week. It's been getting progressively worse and finally last night we decided to give him some baby Tylenol and he slept well for the first time all week. Praying he gets some relief soon!

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  1. Try an amber teething necklace. It worked/is working for us! Well, except for the molars, those were tough.

  2. I hope Teddy feels better soon! Teeth are such a pain, for me they still are way too often!
    It's so sweet that you can have conversations with V now <3

    Katie // Lublyou


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