11:35 PM

birdie: we have been celebrating all week because this little pig tailed beauty is potty trained!! we still do diapers for nighttime and naps but during the day she wears her "pincess panees" and we couldn't be more proud! we sure have gone through a lot of m&m's :).
teddy: this week it really hit me that he's not a newborn anymore and it kind of broke my heart. at the same time he has been so fun lately! laughing up a storm and playing with toys since he can now grab things with those tiny sweet hands. bittersweet, it really is. 

I couldn't help but share this one too, it's just so good. This boy LOVES his big sister and watching her do just about anything!

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2 notes

  1. I have been reading A Flower Fairies Treasury to my daughter (who is not much older than Birdie) and every time I see the Blackberry Fairy (http://www.fairyist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/blackberries-fairies.jpg), I think of Birdie. Just thought I would share.

  2. You make VERY cute kids. Happy Valentine's day you guys!


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