8:34 AM

birdie: her vocabulary is expanding every day and it's so incredible to watch. Just the other day I was putting on a sweater I got for christmas and she goes "tees!" and then thinks for a little while and "kissmass!!"
teddy: is finally getting a hang of this whole sleeping for longer than an hour thing and goodness gracious are his mama and papa ever grateful!

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2 notes

  1. Yes to all of this! Vocabulary growth is astounding, I love watching this unfold with my own toddler. And especially yes to more sleep!! Yay! My 6 month old is still pretty bad at sleeping, but thankfully we are having a decent week (last week was like having a newborn all over again). Birdie's PJ's are amazing, where did you find them?

  2. Oh isn't sleep wonderful. I have to say that Birdie's rocking horse is absolutely gorgeous. You mentioned recently that you paint...(I think) and I wonder did you paint that?


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