happy baby

9:38 AM

cardigan - target, jumpsuit - ace & jig, glasses - husband's, boots - madewell
A little while back someone on instagram asked me if I had any nursing friendly outfit suggestions. At the moment I simply said that I don't always wear nursing friendly outfits but when I do it's usually a button down. Well eventually one gets bored of button downs and nobody is ever actually comfortable in jeans so I was on the search for the holy grail of outfits - comfortable, cute AND nursing friendly. Lo and behold I came upon this Ace & Jig piece and it was the answer to all of my prayers! It is probably the softest item of clothing I own, as comfortable (if not more) as sweatpants and on top of everything it's even... dare I say chic?! Needless to say I've been wearing it constantly as Teddy's patience from the time he decides he is hungry to the time something must be in his mouth is approximately nine seconds and this piece has half the number of buttons that a shirt would! So score!!

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3 notes

  1. Love it! Looks great on you!

  2. The colors of blue in this are perfect with your hair and skin! I think it would be gorgeous as a shirt - I am just not feeling it as a jumpsuit/romper idea. But as a plaid button-up shirt? I would love it. And the colors are so perfect...

  3. hehe nice! I am all about the chic nursing outfits. I am so sick of the one pair of jeans that I wear everyday because it is the only pair I am comfortable in right now, haha.
    <3 Kastles


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