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birdie: we started potty training Birdie many moons ago because she seemed to show interested. Then she injured her leg, we were traveling all summer long, moved at the end of the summer and then of course we had Teddy. Long story short neither she nor we have had any time or energy to devote to it. But this week she decided we were just going to do this because she kind of doesn't wear diapers at home any more except for naps. So we're mopping up a lot of wet spots and washing lots of clothes. She's so close though so I have hope that we're almost there!! 
teddy: our sweet boy finally rolled over this week!! he's also laughing so much lately and testing out those lungs of his (the boy is LOUD!!). I gotta say this boy is loads of fun lately!!

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  1. such sweet little faces! i always love the coloring in your photos! xx

  2. just love both of these pictures! How fun you have two little to do the 52 project with this year! I've been debating doing it again cause I suck at consistency, but I may just need to!

  3. So sweet. Emery just started rolling over last week. She hasn't quite full on giggled yet. Although I feel like she should be by the amount of goofy things we keep doing, haha.
    <3 Kastles


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