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11:48 AM

A few weeks ago we were having breakfast at what has become one of our favorite cafe's in Atlanta, Julianna's Crepes, when I stepped outside with Birdie to let her get some of her energy out. Once outside we discovered a beautiful dog sitting by one of the tables waiting for it's owners. Birdie yelled out "big doggie!!" and ran straight for the dog. I stopped her and felt him out, he seemed pretty friendly so I allowed her to get closer. She was in heaven! He turned out to be a total sweetheart and we spent a good half hour petting him and hugging him and well Birdie pretty much adopted him right there on the spot. When it was time to leave we were all pretty heartbroken that he couldn't come with us. 
This experience just reminded me of how grateful I am that Birdie grew up with such a wonderful dog at home that has taught her to love, trust and respect animals. Belle will always be her favorite dog I'm sure, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a soft spot for everything furry on four legs. I just love this little girl and the way she shares her heart.

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  1. My husband and I keep debating about whether or not to get a dog before we have kids, and I'm really curious about the experience of juggling both. Did having a dog make things extra stressful?

  2. You totally need to do outfit posts for your kiddos. They are always so well-dressed. :)


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