out with baby bear

7:52 AM

hat - zara, jacket - jcrew, dress - old navy, tights - target, shoes - madewell

I couldn't be more grateful for the bond that is already forming between my two babies. Birdie was initially standoffish with Teddy, curious eventually and now there is genuine love and affection there. The other day she snuggled next to him on our bed and when papa bear tried to move him she wrapped her arms around him and yelled "no! no! no!" Also, whenever she hears him cry (most often through the baby monitor) she runs up to me, pulls on my sleeve and says "baby's sad!!" If she's around him and he's crying she will try to give him the pacifier or rub his head and say "no baby, ok. ok. ok" 
This morning I had put him in our rockaRoo and he instantly went to sleep so I didn't even bother turning it on. A few minutes later he was fussing a bit and she ran to him yelling "baby's sad!! oh no!" patted him on his head and turned the rockaRoo on! I'm telling you these two make my heart explode daily!! 

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  1. oh my goodness that just warms my heart and is the cutest! what a great mama she will be someday :)

  2. love this combo! what a pretty look :)


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