looking back at 2014

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I've spent the past two hours combing through photos from my phone on our hard drive. Birdie grew in front of my eyes from a chubby one year old to a much learner and more verbal version of herself. I watched my belly grow too and eventually disappear as my hands became full with a lively newborn. I watched us drive up and down the east coast until we eventually ended up down south. And I experienced so many emotions looking back over this year. 
As we mulled over the end of this year with papa bear over dinner last night we both solemnly noted that this year was the craziest and the hardest year we've probably ever experienced together. The highs were super high but the lows were debilitating. I'll be honest with you some of the photos kicked me in the gut. I could look at them and, depending on which one, feel that raw anger, disappointment, disillusionment, loneliness and confusion. There's a good batch in there also that make me feel instantly nauseous as I remember the morning sickness that brought me to my knees practically this entire spring. The passing of time has not made me look back on this past spring with fondness, in fact I believe it will also be remembered as a very dark time in our life. The only thing that saved us was Teddy - he was the dawn about to break through a very, very black night. He was the light at the end of the tunnel in a very real and palpable way. 
That was the spring. A lot of snow, a lot of cold, a lot of heartbreak. Then came summer and I have to tell you I've never enjoyed a summer more than I did this year. I was in the magical second trimester, good news started rolling in and the sun was here and here to stay. I've always been an autumn girl but this summer made me almost question my allegiance. I think part of it was I had no idea just how fun this season can be with a toddler. All the swimming, their chubby feet in sandals and the subsequent sandal tan lines, the ice cream running down their chin, the sand castles and post pool naps. Gosh there's just so much goodness to be had with a toddler during those summer months. I'll never forget peeking in on Birdie napping in Florida one afternoon. She was wearing nothing but a diaper and a onesie (a combination that always makes her look like a baby) and her skin was perfectly sun kissed and glowing, the soles of her feet still had some sand on them, the hair at the nape of her neck was beginning to curl from the sweat and she smelled like salt and watermelon and a little like chlorine and I would have given anything to bottle her up just the way she was right there.  
As summer was winding down our life was picking up speed. August and September were a whirlwind of packing, moving, painting and nesting. By September I was getting bigger with every passing day and I spent the last week having contractions in preparation for baby boy. And then one very bright and warm October morning we welcomed our Teddy boy into the world. In an instant my heart grew ten more sizes, we went from being a family of three to four and our baby girl turned into a giant. The rest of the fall was spent in a newborn daze as we adjusted to this new and delightful member of our family. There were double the diaper changes and double the coffees and by thanksgiving we were running out of gas. But then came Christmas and with it all good things. And now somehow Christmas is over too and new years snuck up on me and I can't believe it's already time to say goodbye to the most memorable year we've ever had! So I'm doing it the only way I know how... with pictures!

my very first photo of 2014!

i had been feeling sick for a week when this photo was taken...
we soon found out why!!!
this little love bug joined us on our valentines day getaway to chincoteague

march was nothing but snow and more snow

spring finally came to the valley!
this little nugget fractured her foot and broke our hearts but was in good spirits

we took a trip to nashville!
that wouldn't be complete without a trip to las paletas!
my baby and a 20 week baby bump!

our favorite guy turned 30!
and we found out we were adding another guy to the family!

papa bear took me to nyc for my birthday & made all my dreams come true!
we packed up the cabin and moved down south!

hello georgia!
our first breakfast in our new home
growing baby boy
six years!!

my bump continued to grow, as did my appetite
waiting on baby

we welcomed theodore finch on october 6!
enjoying the newborn stage

brother and sister
leftover pumpkin pie from a wonderful thanksgiving
almost christmas!!

birdie turned two!!
teddy boy's first christmas was a smashing success!!

And that's a wrap!! Cannot wait to see what 2015 holds for our family and I won't' lie some peace and quiet is high on my wish list! Speaking of wishes we want to wish you and your families all the very best for this new year! A million thanks to you for following along and allowing us to share our life with you! 

Lots of love and kisses from our family to yours!!


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