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8:44 AM

When we had Birdie I didn't think having newborn photos done was that important and missed the opportunity. As soon as we hit six months and she became a completely different human I regretted it. Those newborn weeks are so unique and special and I so wish we had properly captured them with Birdie. So this time around I knew I wasn't going to miss out!
We got to work with Morgan Blake and it was just a fantastic experience all around. The shoot felt so relaxed and natural and kudos to Morgan for dealing with a pretty fussy toddler by the end of it! When we got the photos back we were overcome with emotion. She captured us just as we are in this season of life and that is something incredibly special. We are so glad we took the time to do this and we are beyond grateful to Morgan for working her magic with our new little family of four!

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  1. Beautiful! I can't get over that last photo of Birdie!

  2. so lovely! I'm fairly new to your blog, do you have a home tour post? I would love to know where your pillows on your bed are from!

    1. Hi Nicole! Welcome :). I haven't done a home tour yet since we just moved this summer and then had our little Teddy boy this fall but I'm hoping to get around to it soon. The pillows are from Anthro :). xo

  3. oh so beautiful! Congrats on your new addition. :)

    Megan from Chasing Davies


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