christmas at home

11:55 AM

This morning I sat on the sofa editing photos and listening to the buzz of the dishwasher going. Our home was quiet for the first time in a week, the suitcases were gone, sheets and towels had been washed and put away and the space beneath the christmas tree was noticeably bare. And I'm not going to lie, it made me sad. Christmas is over and my family got on planes carrying them to DC and New York yesterday. I drove home holding back tears until "Grown-up Christmas List" by Michael Buble came on and then I couldn't hold them back any more. It was just such a good christmas and I was devastated that it had to end. 
For the past week we had two sets of helping hands, a blazing fire (on the tv that is) and constant christmas music thanks to my dad, home cooked meals three times a day thanks to my mum and many laughs thanks to my brother. Our house was full of warmth, love, good food and laughter and really what more could anyone ask for for christmas? Birdie was spoiled rotten on christmas morning and even got a visit from Santa himself (which she totally realized was grandpa but pretended to be enthralled for his sake)! She hardly knew which toy to play with first. Predictably her favorite gift was the wooden bed we got her for her doggie and she now spends hours lovingly putting him to sleep. 
As our time together was winding down yesterday we all mentioned that this was such a laid back christmas but also one of the best. There were lots of lazy dinners that stretched on into midnight with the help of multiple cups of tea and my, thankfully, never ending cookie supply. We spent hours in the living room wrapped in blankets reminiscing about old times and dreaming of making new wonderful memories in the new year. We rarely changed out of pajamas if only when we would venture out for a walk with the kiddos snug as bugs in their stroller. 
Guys it was so, so nice. The company, the laughs, the support and help. Papa bear and I even went on a date without kids (usually we always take Teddy with us on date nights)!! It felt like such a luxury to be able to focus completely and entirely on each other. Of course the irony is that an hour in we started missing our babies and approximately 75 percent of our conversation were about them... But still, it was nice. The quiet was nice. Not bracing ourselves for a meltdown was nice. 
Now it's just the four of us. The tree will have to come down soon and I suppose I should start winding things down with the christmas music. We'll get back to our routine soon enough and there are many things to look forward to in this new year but for now I want to let the memories of the past week linger around me a little longer even if they feel bittersweet now.  

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  1. i knoooooow! so sad it's over, though adam's parents are still here so i guess it won't really be done until they leave on new years eve.

    in other random news, i love how colorful all your decor is! so fun!!



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