black + white and stripes!

10:15 AM

me: hat - zara, sweater - jcrew, jeans - ae, shoes - woolrich
birdie - hair clip - c/o hello shiso, dress - gap, boots - hunter

Some things in this world are just meant to be. Like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots or in my case me and these shoes. I have this weird thing about shoes... First of all I don't own that many and second of all they are the hardest thing for me to buy. I will often sit on a pair for months and months before deciding to buy it but most of the time I just don't buy shoes period. So when I came upon these shoes of my dreams sitting all by their lonesome self on the sale shelf at Anthropologie in just my size I knew it was true love! I mean can you believe it?! One pair, my size and an extra 40% off!! 
Speaking of peas and carrots Birdie and this little hair clip have become inseparable as of late. It's quie shocking actually because she hates things in her hair but this?? This is love. Every time it falls out she runs to me with a concerned look, cradling it in the palms of her hands and whispers "help? help??" This girl doesn't have a lot of hair but she sure knows how to work the little bit that she has. 

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