birthday wish list (also known as an experiment in vanity)

9:26 AM

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Whenever I'm putting together one of these the only thing I can think of is the clip of this "medical marvel" saying "I'm extremely VAIN" over and over again (seriously though watch the clip it's both hilarious and incredible). But gosh darn it if I don't love me a good collage. And since my birthday is in a few days I has presents on my mind (who doesn't LOOOOOVVVEE presents??? Yep, no one, just like I thought). So anyways, here are just a few things I am loving and I wouldn't mind discovering inside a beautifully wrapped box (husby has become quite the wrapping pro as of late, I taught him well :) ). 

Apparently I'm really into pouches right now...

P.S. This is that time that I annoy the crap out of you & tell you all about how poor little Google Reader is going away and you should follow me on Bloglovin to make sure you never miss a single one of my most important/vital/life changing/brilliant posts!! Annoyed yet??? 

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  1. hi! once upon a time - on your previous blog, i believe - you posted a "how to"/picture post on reupholstering a couch... it was a while ago, but i was wondering if there's any way to access that post still? i never bookmarked it. if not, could you send me the pictures and a little advice? i'm looking to try reupholstering a chair i bought from a yard sale. thanks!

    1. Hi! Sure! I would be happy to try and see if I can find those photos for you. Can you give me an email where I can reach you?

    2. thank you so much! -- send 'em when you find 'em, no rush!

  2. these are some good pics. particularly 1 and 3 :)


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