today: 7/2/13

9:04 PM

Today was one of those days that had a rough start - calls to the IRS (total holding time: 45 minutes), messed up internet connections, never ending to do lists, general gloominess and a random assortment of crap. I began to think we were done for by lunch time, I was ready to throw my hands up and say: DONE! But then little by little this darn Tuesday started to iron itself out. Maybe it was the pot of coffee I boiled for us at four pm, perhaps it was the fact that Birdie woke up in a glorious mood from her afternoon nap but most of all I think it was the fact that we made a joint decision to throw on some running shoes, put V in her carrier and head outside for a hike. We did the long way too, two steep hills and a half a mile in length. We trekked together over the gravel, papa bear pointing out local flowers (I DON'T EVEN KNOW), me swatting away strange bugs (seriously Virginia what's with the creepy flying red beetle thingy??) and Birdie grinning away happy as a clam. These mountain views never get old to me, neither do the creaky cedars and pines, the simple wild daisies and our neighbor's dog Nestle who happily greeted us as we walked by his owner's house. We arrived home a hot, sweaty and out of breath mess but we sure were much happier and relaxed than when we left.  It's good to remember the value of fresh air, some good old fashioned sweating and those wonderful little endorphins that bubble into your bloodstream after some vigorous walking.
And that's how we turned around a very not-so-good day into not a bad one!

Good night darlings!


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  1. Goodness gracious I hear ya! Yesterday was the same for my husband and I. I had the day off but when my husband came home from work we decided to go for a ride on our bicycles. Best decision either one of us made on Tuesday.

    1. Ah!! Bike rides truly are the best!! Good for you! xo

  2. serously - fresh air and some exercise can cure a multitude of ills. and happy birthday!!!


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