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Last weekend was somewhat of a bi-state (can you say that??) weekend. We enjoyed Friday and Saturday at home in Virginia and headed into the city on Sunday. It was a hot one too, our poor AC units can barely keep up! We actually skipped our normal farmer's market picnic for that reason too, by the time we picked up everything we needed all three of us were dripping with sweat. But Saturday ended up being kind of nice nevertheless. It got rather cloudy by the late afternoon and even rained that evening so we had ourselves a movie marathon that night. We started with The Master (more on that in another post) and on Saturday we watched Argo (finally!!) and The Promised Land (Matt Damon can do no wrong in my eyes). It was so nice to settle into the sofa and watch all the movies we've been dying to see but couldn't because we had a little baby. We've actually been doing better about seeing movies at the theater when my parents gift us a date night or two. We recently saw The Stories We Tell and The Bling Ring; The Stories We Tell was absolutely fantastic - moving, funny, fresh and smart. The Bling Ring? Meh. It was pretty but empty in the end, unfortunately, I really wanted to like it. What have you guys seen lately that you loved?
Oh and before I forget we took Birdie to the park so she could ride a swing for the FIRST TIME!! It was so much fun! She adored it! She had this huge wide open mouth grin on her face the whole time and was doing her "ooh! ooh!" sounds that signify great enjoyment. Other activities that elicit that sound include - the ocean (especially waves), being in water in general, certain "special" toys and delicious food. 
So that was Virginia. Then on Sunday we headed into the city. By the time we got off 66 we were all hot, tired and fed up with being in the car. So we decided to make a little detour and go cool down with some gelato. We were lucky enough to get a parking space right by Pitango so we were able to fulfill our wish immediately. It was just what the doctor ordered. The gelato having cooled us down and the appearance of a light breeze inspired us to go for a walk around the block. That ignited our hunger and as life would have it we found ourselves in front a restaurant we've never been to a few minutes later, with our tummies rumbling and a decision on our hands. I don't like trying new restaurants in DC since if you make a mistake it will be a costly one and then you're doubly mad - mad that the place was crap and mad that you wasted that much money on it. But when it's hot and you've graduated to hangry levels of hunger you don't have much room for deliberation. And that's how we found ourselves genuinely enjoying a meal at Le Diplomate. The food was perfect (very reminiscent of the food we had in France), the service was wonderful (such a sweet and caring staff) and the cherry on top was having Mr. and Mrs. Biden join us just a few minutes later! They are such a lovely looking couple! 
We left right around seven, Birdie was getting sleepy and twilight was right on the horizon. I love a nice summer eve in DC - the city gets a little quieter, the temperatures a little cooler and those brownstones get bathed in the most gorgeous light. 
So here's to another great weekend! This week sure did fly by!!

P.S. Thank you ever so much to all of your for your kind words of encouragement and support yesterday, you will never know just how much it means to me. Thank you for always being there to listen and for showing me that wonderful, smart and sweet women really do exist! Sending each and every one of you a big Russian bear hug!!

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  1. Looks like the perfect weekend! I adore all of Valya's outfits! :)

  2. a lovely weekend indeed, in two of my favorite places. i really want to see the master - it's been on my list for awhile. i need to make it happen.


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