corny lines

9:05 AM

hat - free people, shirt - h&m, jeans - ae, boots - seychelles

So this shirt is kind of corny (see what I did there??) but it was one of those impulse purchases that you make when you don't like what you're currently wearing, can't commit to anything expensive and it seems to do the trick. In the end it's terribly soft so I end up wearing it almost every day, cheesy line and all.
Shirts with words on them remind me of a memory. My daddy was definitely one of the protective types. I had many a scolding regarding lengths of skirts and the intended purpose of my outfits ("But daddy if I unbutton my shirt down to my belly button THEN all the men will see my intelligence!! Can't you see that???" ahh teenagers). One of these scoldings I considered especially egregious at the time but now it's one of my favorite "funny stories." I was a sophomore in college and attending the school my daddy was a professor at so he saw all my outfits (fun times I tell ya!). I was also having a passionate love affair with all things Guess - the perfume, jewelry, shoes (papa bear and I still have a good laugh about the heels I would show up in for my "Christian Ethics" class) and obviously all the clothes. I then particularly fell in love with this baby tee, it was 2005 don't ask, it was the softest pink, had a darling little kitten on it and on the back it said "please hug me." Now daddy didn't seem to mind how small or short it was but he took particular offense to the sentiment. He demanded to know what kind of impression I would possibly make with words like that stamped on my back?? I told him he was being ridiculous and that it was "cute." Isn't everything you like that age cute? I won that round but probably only because I was 19 not 16 anymore. Me - 1, daddy - 0.
I still have that t-shirt, can't bear to part with it. I used to wear it constantly when papa bear and I were dating and it just holds so many memories. I think Birdie will fit in it perfectly in another year or two so you know... it has to stay. 

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  1. What a cute outfit, love the shirt and the hat! :)

  2. OH baby tees! hehe I remember when my Dad freaked out when I started wearing nail polish. I remember the baby blue shade & everything, haha!
    Love this casual look, the hat & boots are perfect!
    <3 Kastles

  3. oh yes...i look back on many outfits in high school and cringe. the intersection of being your own person, realizing the power of your sexuality, hormones, and money from a summer job to buy your own clothes is indeed a dangerous thing lol!


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