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Papa bear and I talk a lot about the strange nature of becoming a family. About the way everything changes, somehow stays the same and feels as if it were always this way. I find it nearly impossible these days to wrap my mind around the fact that Birdie wasn't always with us. It's almost strange to look at old photos and notice her absence. It's like where was she??? Spain??? The Swiss Alps?? I'm so confused.... Why wasn't she with us Christmas 2009??? And then in that same breath I'll have moments where I think about just how different our life was before her - the way we could just say things like "let's go get dinner, somewhere!" and not check the time, check to see if we packed diapers, remember to bring some toys and a bottle, etc, etc... I think about the way our lives are consumed with her - from the moment we wake up to the moment we pass out on our pillow at night. It's exhausting and exhilarating just thinking about it!

But more than anything I think about the way that Valentina is that string that sewed our two hearts together for life. When we fell in love we found in each other that missing half of ourselves (as cheesy as that sounds). As we came to know each other and grow deeper in love and closer our hearts began to mesh closer and closer together. And then in one moment and instant - the minute Birdie let out her first cry and papa bear and I felt like we got the wind knocked out of us we became one forever and ever. It's almost as if we've become one person - she cries and we both run to her, she smiles and two huge grins instantly appear on our faces, she's sad and our hearts break in unison for her. And no one can understand the love I have for this tiny person better than my husband - I can see he loves her just as I do: unconditionally, irrationally, passionately and permanently. 

Birdie made us a family and for that we will forever be indebted to her. 

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  1. So beautiful! You guys are seriously the most gorgeous family!

  2. Oh my goodness, the one with Birdie on her dad's shoulders! I nearly keeled over from too much cuteness.

  3. this was so heart warming to read as someone about to go into that adventure of marriage. just very beautifully said. love all of these photos of you guys!

  4. This is perfection!!!

  5. Hi there. I used to read your old blog and am so happy to see that you're blogging again.

    You have a beautiful family. Lovely pictures.

  6. You have a beautiful family!

    I read your old blog and I'm so happy to have found your new one.

  7. Thanks so much ladies!! You are much too sweet! xoxo


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