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1:22 PM

jacket - J. Crew (old), sweater - UO, bag - Rebecca Minkoff, tee - Jessalin Beutler, jeans - A&F, shoes - Dr. Martens

I've had these Dr. Martens stashed away in my closet since early October. It was then that I realized they don't exactly complement the pregnant frame. And so they sat patiently, shiny and new awaiting the day they would be worn outside like all the other shoes. Well this past weekend I took them for a spin. We became fast friends. They're sturdy and comfortable, two words that are so important to a mama's wardrobe. I felt like I could walk in them for years. From what I hear I most certainly can bank on them holding up that long. 

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3 notes

  1. So cute! I love the bag :) I almost got that sweater too! :)

  2. I love your style! And I love reading your posts. :) Happy Friday!


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