Birdie at three months

8:14 AM

Has it really been three months already? Do I really no longer have a newborn? They tell you it goes by fast but oh my goodness... this is too fast. 
Our life has taken on a new routine with Birdie and it feels like she was always here, always a part of our family. I definitely can't imagine us without her
When I was pregnant I often wondered what this little baby would be like, his/her personality, the way she would fit into our life. I had an ideal. We all do I think. It's hard to believe that this precious girl exceeded all my dreams. She is so happy, spunky even, and so full of life. She greets me with the biggest grin and excited squeal every morning when I go to get her from her crib. She loves to talk now - with us, with her toys, really with just about anyone or anything. But there's also another layer to her, a different side. At times she can be so quiet and pensive. A little baby girl but already so deep in thought. Sometimes I'll be driving with her and I'll look back at her and notice that she's just silently looking out the window. Makes my heart melt. She's so observant already. Often times we notice her eavesdropping on our conversations or just off in her own little world. 
I now realize that there really are no words, no way, to ever explain having a child to someone. Loving her and living with her is transcendent. Every action of ours has taken on new meaning and every emotion is heightened. We're so deeply in love with our darling girl and we love discovering new layers of her personality every day. 
Thanks for being our little ray of sunshine Birdie!

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5 notes

  1. So sweet! Happy 3 months Birdie! :)

  2. transcendent - what a magical world. i love the thought of what goes through their minds when they're silent and contemplating - what ever could it be?! we'll never know, but i love the fact that they're so thoughtful already.

  3. She has such beautiful eyes! Happy 3 months! :)

  4. She always looks adorable. I love seeing her in yellow.


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