Sweater weather & the botanic garden

9:04 AM

This was weekend was all kinds of glorious. All I need to say is - sweater weather. Finally. I was doing jumping jacks from excitement over being able to leave my gloves, hat, scarf and COAT at home! Of course leave it to the DMV to have the warmest day of the year after dumping over a foot of snow on us just days before. Honestly I'm not complaining. The snow was gorgeous but it felt equally fantastic to feel the warm sun on my shoulders. 
We joined what felt like every single person in DC with a stroll through the mall. People blanketed the green. It was a sight for sore eyes - guys playing football, babies running, women sunbathing and everyone worshipping this sun that we've all missed so much. We took the opportunity to visit the Botanic Garden, especially since I've never been (I know it's such a travesty). The place is fantastic! Apart from a few stroller jams here and there we really enjoyed exploring all the exhibits. The tropical rooms had me missing Florida bad. Good news is that even Florida is just a couple months away!
It's funny how something like seasons changing is so important to our overall happiness. I'll never forget how excited I was for the arrival of autumn back in October or the beginning of the Christmas season but now it's all about spring. The buds on the trees, the crisp blue skies, driving with our windows down, flowers making their way through the cold ground and wearing sunglasses to shield our eyes from the bright and wonderfully hot sun.
All that said I think today forgot it was spring. This rain needs to take it's talents somewhere else. It's not welcome here. We're hoping to banish it with our daffodils and JT's new album that we will have streaming all day. We're having our own little spring dance party over here. Join us why don't you?!

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  1. Bring on the spring! I love seeing glimpses of it in the photos of blog friends from warmer areas where spring is showing up a little more than we have here. V's polar bear hat is the cutest! :)

    Side note: JT certainly grew up well. Matt and I were just saying the other day that we think part of his success is he doesn't take himself too seriously, and that makes him really likable in addition to talented. He's diversified what he does, can go from singing falsetto to mocking himself on SNL without missing a beat, and comes across like a guy you'd actually sit down and have a beer with.

    1. Oh I totally agree! I'm always so shocked to see people in sleeveless shirts while we continue to trudge around in our heavy coats :( And JT is THE best! Just watched his History of Rap Part 4 clip with Jimmy Fallon - SO GOOD!!

  2. Beautiful photos, my friend! I feel the exact same way about the seasons - at first, it seems that I don't want them to end, but I'm always ready when they start changing. :)

  3. i love seeing all your pictures of dc - reminds me of growing up. enjoy your dance party (and perhaps a cup of hot cocoa? i know i will!)

  4. I've never commented here before, but just wanted to say that your hair looks so cute! I love that length and the barrette.

  5. These are gorgeous pictures! Looks like such a fun day! I love love love Valentina's little outfit, she looks so precious!

  6. Thanks so much everyone! Glad you enjoyed the photos! Now I need that weather to come back again :)


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