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The lovely Colleen tagged me in her "five things about me" post and so I will be obliging and share these "fascinating" (probably not) five things about myself with you my darlings!

I am a total germaphobe. Like massive. As in change my socks three times a day. As in wash my hands so many times they feel like sandpaper. As in, once I read about how dirty sinks are at public restrooms I never washed my hands there again. I figure people probably think I'm so gross when they see me leave without washing my hands and I just think "You're the gross one. If only you knew. If only you knew how many gallons of hand sanitizer I'm about to pour on my hands." It's also for this reason that I have yet to change V in a public restroom. Makes me sick just thinking about it...

One of my biggest regrets in life is that I am not a rapper. I fell in love with rap when I was a sad, dejected little high schooler in South Carolina and we've been inseparable ever since. It's one of the things papa bear and I bonded over before we were even dating. To this day we discuss rap, the production, lyrics, inspiration, flow, etc., the way some people discuss literature. On that note thank heavens that we finally got some fresh meat this year, I don't know what we would have done without Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Yelawolf and Joey Badass. Oh and yes, I unapologetically play it with V in the car. Might as well start her off on the right stuff.

I travel everywhere with my pillow. I am insanely particular about my pillow situation and recently came upon the perfect specimen at Target. I am one of those people that travels with a pillow the way some travel with a pet - it's there under my arm at the airport, it's always in the backseat of our car and if I ever forget it... You better believe it's going to ruin the whole trip.

Have you seen the movie Mean Girls? Great movie right? Looked like a terrible place to go to school though right? My high school was about twice as bad as that. I got made fun of practically every day by the "mean girls" (they once made fun of me in front of everyone for having to drive my parent's old beat up Chrysler van). There were a wide variety of drugs available for purchase during lunch hour under the stairwell by the gym (including, but not limited to, cocaine, weed, ecstasy and the occasional Rx pills). Our young, blonde cheerleading coach slept with half the football team. People getting knifed was a weekly occurrence. Most of the mean girls and their boyfriends drove brand new Range Rovers they got for their 15th birthdays. Oh and on Valentine's day our principal would inspect the gift boxes and confiscate any containing lingerie (which was pretty much all of them). 

Because of all the moving around I did with my family I was constantly being placed in the wrong grades at school. Thanks to this lovely side effect I essentially skipped the grades (both in Russian and English schools) where you are taught grammar. Thus I never know whether it's "then" or "than," "that" or "which," and I pretty much just eyeball where commas should go. So thank you for putting up with my rotten grammar. I hope you can forgive me...

Well this was rather fun! Lets keep the train going!

I tag: Dasha, Ashley, Adeline, Mara & Sarah!

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  1. The thing about grammar is so funny! Kevin has to read through things I write because I also skipped those grades! Barby always makes fun of me haha :)

  2. Being a copywriter, I'm a huge stickler for grammar and I haven't noticed any errors on your part. You do very well for missing out on those lessons. And don't feel bad for it, I am HORRIBLE at spelling and I have no excuse. :)

  3. Dear lord, your highschool sounded like a terrible place. I thought my highschool was bad, lol.

    1. Haha, it really was :). Part of the reason I love being a grown up - not having to be a prisoner in that hell hole anymore.

  4. so glad you did this - I loved these! I laughed out loud at the rap - love it! I also love rap (though am not as well versed) and fully encourage you playing it in the car with V. Your high school sounds...horrifying. I went to a bizarre (but wonderful) high school that helped me skip all that. we never locked our lockers, we had no bells, we were trusted and while we had groups everyone was pretty friendly with tifs here and there. I can't imagine going to a school like that - and driving range rovers, what a joke! all that money, no class. lastly, I, too, am fanatic about pillows (but don't travel with them a lot). but I feel you on that (Brian doesn't get it).

    1. Yes!! A fellow rap fan! :) Your high school sounds magical. I'm just praying that one day Birdie can actually have a good experience so it's nice to know it's possible. xo

  5. I am embarrassed at how much I inspect grammar (websites, books, etc), but I've never noticed you using it poorly, haha! So great job ;)

    Loved this post; I'm always so happy after reading your blog.

  6. That was fun to read! I like how you always balance positive and negative.
    And then I saw my name and I was like... "shoot, now I have to think of something clever to say".

    1. Aww, :) thanks so much! And yes, you MUST do it! :) xo


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