A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

11:58 AM

Miss Bella is back home & we are all so thrilled about it!!
It's finally February which means it was time for a Valentine's day garland to spruce up the old fireplace
We ran errands at Target (which in my speak translates into - FUN TIME!!)
Speaking of Target have you seen these giant things??!! Fabulous no?!
Also, Birdie's mamaRoo came in the mail this week and suffice to say I am one happy mama*
Oh and papa got to leave early on Thursday so we had us a little lunch date at our fave wing joint in town!
Seems like the snow was a bust but I'm excited for this weekend anyway. After all it's February and spring is right around the corner!

Hope all of you have a most wonderful weekend!


*Note the way Miss Bella watches over V, she stays planted next to her & it just melts my heart!

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7 notes

  1. You are one stylish Mama for sure! I am loving your Vine videos. It is nice to see you come "to life" in those little clips.

    Did the kitty come back too?

  2. I think your dog is so darn cute. Love to see that your beautiful baby and dog get along so well. I love pugs! They are the cutest.

  3. oh man. i am gonna eat so many wings this weekend. wheeeeeeeeeee

  4. Love chicken wings!!!! the white sweater your baby is wearing is adorable.

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  5. i love taking my little guy to target!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Jeanine Marie - Thank you darling! I love watching yours too! Ah... I wish :(. We are bringing them back in phases and since kitty was a little standoffish with V we're waiting until she's a bit older. Lucky kitty has two sets of grandparents that love her very much and are taking great care of her :). xo

    Ashley - Thanks darling! It's from Target :) xo

    Jenna - Thank you! Yes we are very blessed with Miss Bella she is so smart and kind and took so well to V. And I agree pugs are absolutely the best :) though I may be a bit biased :) xo

    Colleen - Haha this weekend is def the weekend for wings :) xo

    Vindiebaby - Thank you so much darling! xo

    Sandy - It's so fun isn't it?! Ah... Target my one true love... :) xo


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