Can't stop. Won't stop.

9:21 AM

hat - Stepcat of Canada, sweatshirt - Hello Apparel, pants - J. Crew (old), boots - Target

Buying sweatshirts that is. Or leggings for that matter. Especially from Hello Apparel. How can I possibly resist cute, comfortable and incredibly soft clothes??! How?! 
Last night as we were falling asleep husby tells me he's going to "love me from a distance" and I knew why. He teaches at a special little school that sits on a hundred acre farm. He and the kids work on the farm twice a day. Often this work involves him cleaning the hen houses and lets just say they don't really emit the most pleasant odor. Now that we have a baby on days when he gets home late somehow the time just slips away from us and there is not time for showers or much of anything really. So instead of our usual cuddling last night we just loved each other "from a distance."
Now I need to wash the sheets...

So yeah! Here's to romance & happy Valentines day!! *

*To be fair he surprised me with my fave - chocolate covered strawberries, that same day so it's all good!

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  1. I can't stop wearing my sweatshirt, either. It's SO soft, and perfect for today. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

    1. They seriously make THE best sweatshirts ever!! Happy V day to you too! xo

  2. haha awe so cute! I've been looking at those hello tops, so cute! Also loving those pants! Happy Valentine's Day!
    <3 Kastles


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