Cold days call for cupcakes

9:30 AM

This weekend was pretty laid back - just lots of sleeping, eating and trying to stay warm. They promised snow all week and yet all I saw were a sad snowflake or two drifting past our windows. I mean with temperatures this cold it could at least snow right?!! Luckily we had grandma's waffle maker which provided us with a never ending stream of delicious toasty waffles all weekend long. I also finally made those Sprinkles cupcakes I've been meaning to make since the end of December. And my goodness were they delicious. I've tried several of the Sprinkles mixes and these are hands down my favorite (you put real chocolate in the frosting... I mean wow!!).
We also discovered this weekend that Birdie can do a darn good job of holding her head up and doesn't hate tummy time! Go V!!
My maternity leave is over today (sad) but! It's February, it's almost Valentines day and Birdie will officially be two months old in exactly one week! So it's all good!

Wishing you a fantastic week!

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3 notes

  1. filling your weekend before work with waffles is a great decision. hope your first day back went well!

  2. So pretty! I love that cake stand, I've wanted one like that for forever! And that is such a precious picture of Valentina! :) You guys made one pretty baby!!!


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