Bye, bye, baby

11:10 AM

For a while I belonged to the "celebrate your love every day" camp. In my mind I would cringe at "Valentine's day dinner," red roses and those cheesy cards (I suppose that makes me a horrid person) and would give the side eye to those who would actually book those Valentine's day getaways. That was all before I had a baby. It was during the time in my life when I could go to the bathroom whenever I wanted, when my dog wouldn't whine for half an hour in the morning to go out while I breastfed my baby and when I could spend two hours cooking dinner. Those days are long gone. Now all our meals come out of a crock pot, Belle has procured some more patience and bathroom breaks are a luxury. Translation? Valentine's day is like my favorite holiday ever!! Bring on the flowers, chocolates and cards!! 
All last week we were squirreling away little gifts for each other in anticipation of the weekend.* My parents graciously offered to stay at our house with V while we went away for a night. Like Jessie Spano I was equally excited and scared. After all I've never been away from my baby for longer than four hours since she was born. But on Saturday morning I popped the last bag of milk in the freezer (if I never have to pump again it will be too soon...) and we drove off into the sunset... Well, specifically Winchester but you'll find that even Winchester is surprisingly romantic! 
We had dinner that didn't involve rocking the stroller, a late breakfast in bed and a lot of time spent watching videos of our baby and missing her like crazy. All in all it was perfect and just what we needed. It was just the right amount of time to make us feel like a couple again and reconnect. 
We returned home to a smiling babe and my mum's homemade chicken noodle soup. So suffice to say I've changed my mind on Valentine's day - I love it!!

*Full disclosure - we sadly still didn't find the time to write our cards. So it seems we'll be exchanging those some time in March... if we're lucky... Oy!

P.S. I mentioned this on my twitter last week but I feel I should reiterate that I am not sponsored by Hello Apparel. I just genuinely adore their clothes. And right now most of my outfits consist of sweatshirts and leggings anyway. Perhaps one day I'll wear real pants again... 

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  1. i'm glad you two got to spend some time alone to celebrate - happy parents = happy family.

  2. I love hello apparel! your sweet baby girls is so cute :)

  3. these are all so beautiful! those first ones of you and Valentina just melt my heart!


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