Weekend of 10.19.12

10:36 AM

I feel like the beauty of autumn was at it's height this weekend. Perhaps it's partly because of the pumpkins, cider, apple fritters and crates of apples that we enjoyed at the fall festival this weekend but I think it was the fact that the trees and mountains have never looked quite so stunning and colorful too. The fall festival was at the apple orchard where you could enjoy 360 degree views of the valley. There were bean bag tosses (which I won, surprisingly), hay rides and we spent lunch on a blanket with a steaming cup of chili and listened to a local band perform covers of R.E.M. songs. It was the perfect way to spend the day. 
The rest of the weekend we spent on a lake with my family. I had totally forgotten how gorgeous fall looks against the backdrop of a lake. When we lived in Wisconsin I took it for granted as pretty much everyone we knew lived on a lake. It reminded me of winters we would spend at our friends' house - playing ice hockey with our dads while our mums waited for us on the bank with a giant crock pot full of chili. It's this time of year and especially winter that I miss Wisconsin. I miss the kind and generous people, I miss how simple life was there, I miss the lodge decor you could find in every home, I miss the big, hairy dogs and football Sunday (never complete without our friend Steve's famous 7 layer dip and homemade pina coladas).
Maybe one day I'll keep my promise to husby and take him up there for a visit, Lord knows I'm craving one! 

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4 notes

  1. Hi!
    Just wondering where your sweater/cardigan is from?

  2. Looks like such a beautiful weekend! We are so sad we couldn't be there with everyone! :(

  3. My husband always talks about how beautiful wisconsin is in the fall.
    This looks like a great way to rest and relax with loved ones.
    You look lovely my friend!

  4. Fay - It's from Chicwish! xo

    Dasha - It was really nice but we did miss you terribly! :( xo

    Anna - Thank you so much darling! Wisconsin is one of my favorite states! Can't wait to go back one day! xo


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