looking back at 2013

8:03 AM

Another year has come to a close and it's time to look back. I was pulling photos together one night last week and as I went through them I was kind of blown away by just how wonderful of a year it has been. So many blessings and so much joy. And yet of course these photos don't capture the low points of which there were a few - the tears, the disappointments, the fears and fights. I truly believe however, that it is always those lows that help us truly appreciate the highs. Our family motto has kind of become to find a way to have fun in any situation. Some months have required us to get really creative about "fun" and some months we were blessed and it was easy. Through it all God lead us and provided for us even when our lack of faith made us undeserving of it. 
As we look forward to the new year there is a lot of uncertainty for us, many questions and few answers. A lot of what we worked on as a couple this past year is due to bear fruit and not knowing just what kind of fruit it will be is terrifying at times. However, we will start the year the only way we know how - to trust that God knows what is best for us and will guide us towards the door that is meant for us. 
As for this space, I'll be honest with you I have no grandiose plans--I never do. My goal has never been to "generate content" or "increase traffic," I've been there and done that and it just isn't for me. This space is simply me sharing my family's life organically. We're not perfect, we certainly don't know what we're doing half the time and we're learning every step of the way but if in some way I am able to make you smile, connect with you or simply make you feel understood then I go to bed very happy. In the end, I believe that you bring much more to the table than I do. You will never know how much your words of kindness and support have meant to us. And so for that I thank you. Thank you for coming here and in this small way becoming a part of our family too. 

^ papa bear went back to work and we all missed him terribly ^


February was a quiet month. We just took time to settle into a routine as a family. The rocking, bathing, feeding, sleeping routine that has become the only way we know how to live.




^ requisite family beach shoot ^

^ the month Birdie learned how to crawl (mama & papa were thrilled!) ^




^ we went to new york city for our 5 year anniversary ^
^ lots and lots of leaf photos were accumulated in november ^


I wish you all the very best in this new year. May you be blessed and most of all may you be happy. Sending you our love!!


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