off with my overcoat

1:21 PM

hat - eddie bauer, sweatshirt - modcloth, jeans - target, shoes - dr. martens

Sooooo it's 60 degrees today... Not that I mind, at all. I was perfectly warm in nothing but a sweatshirt and a warm hat and the roads are finally melting meaning getting up and down our mountain no longer feels like roller coaster ride (very scary, not fun at all). So yay! I think tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer!! 
Not sure that this outfit qualifies as "fashion" but hey I never professed to be an expert on the subject. This is just me wearing what is comfortable and gets me out the door the fastest. And yes, I'm wearing my dr. martens again because they are the most practical shoes when climbing the icy steps of our deck. So there you have it! A cabin dwelling mama's outfit of the day! 

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