The Holidays

10:20 AM

I've always loved Christmas but it wasn't until we moved to the US that my love turned into an obsession. I'll never forget arriving at JFK that December and thinking that we must have landed in heaven. Christmas music softly emanated from speakers, steaming cups of peppermint lattes in festive red cups lined the bar at Starbucks and the gift shops were brimming with candy wrapped in shiny cellophane and tied with bright red bows. 
My dad has always been the biggest Christmas aficionado in our family and he too went a little crazy when we moved here. Every Christmas he wants to buy "all the lights" and just recently we had an intervention regarding a hideous plastic snowman that he insisted on having for years. A couple Christmases ago the wind blew it onto the street and we told him that even nature thinks it's ugly... Then there was the year we first watched Elf and felt that we were no longer weird because we're not the only two people in the world who jump up and down with excitement over Christmas and Santa (in fact he was doing just that in the kitchen a few weeks ago when he realized how close Christmas was). He even dressed up as Santa every year until I was in high school!! So yeah, we realllllyyyyyyy, realllyyyyy love Christmas in this family. 
And so as the holiday season officially kicks off this Friday I can't wait to put up our tree, start baking cookies that will fill the house with the smell of ginger, get a nice fire going in the fireplace, put on my favorite Christmas record and pull on the coziest of sweaters!
Here's to all things cozy, sparkly, twinkling, crackling, steaming and good!!

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