A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

9:12 AM

I'm gonna level with y'all - this week was no fun. 
I had a big project for work I needed to finish up (finally going on maternity leave next week!), I got no sleep Wednesday night thanks to intermittent Braxton Hicks, the power went out for it's mandatory two hour period right around lunch time (which meant the house felt like a freezer in 5 minutes) and moving around feels like I'm dragging around a dead body. Not to mention there's a very small item on our birth plan that our midwife all of a sudden has a big problem with. So now we have to fix that before the baby gets here. 
In the end if I was still a normal rational person I don't think any of this would bother me so much  but being nine months pregnant does put you in the best frame of mind and pretty much everyone and everything is annoying me. 
But hey lets look on the bright side shall we (this is more for myself than anything)? It's December tomorrow - my favorite month of the year! We are getting new doors in today - which means that 1/4 inch gap all around the front door will finally be gone and I don't have to run the heat in that room on 90 degrees just to keep it remotely warm! By this Tuesday I will only be a week from my due date - hurry baby! And by next week I have faith the issue with the midwife will be squared away, birthing classes will be done (they're two hours people!!), I'll be on maternity leave and Christmas will be in full swing in this house! 

Now lets do this exercise together - what are you looking forward to next week?!


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