37 weeks - term!!

8:37 AM

I'm actually 38 weeks today but these are some photos we took last week. I figured after 37 weeks you never know when the baby could come so we wanted to get some last photos in before I lose the bump! 
It's been interesting for me to observe the way my feelings have been changing over the past couple of days. Being this close to the due date I would have thought I would be terrified of the delivery but, whether thanks to our birth classes or other factors, I'm feeling pretty good about it. Instead I find myself experiencing anxiety over the fact that there is physically no way I can prepare myself for this life changing event. I'm daily overwhelmed with excitement over meeting our child for the first time in just a short time. This child that is here because papa bear and I fell in love all those years ago, this child that will change our life forever, this child that has already stolen a giant piece of my heart and will carry it with him/her for the rest of their life... 
The baby's room is ready, the car seat is locked in place, the bags are by the door but most of all our hearts are so, so ready to fall in love with baby bear.
Baby we are ready for you!

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