35 weeks

7:28 AM

Last week was a little hectic and we missed out on taking photos so I'm happy we were able to capture the bump at 35 weeks. And quite a bump it has become! I swear this baby has started to grow not by the week or day but by the hour! I'm beginning to waddle a little as I walk and I resemble a beached whale when attempting to get out of bed. But I suppose it's all good because it means baby is growing just as it should!
With just a few more weeks to go I plan on tackling the last few items on our to do list this week. I'd like to do a deep clean of the house and get the car seat installed. Also, we must master the baby carrier that I hid in one of the dresser drawers - all those straps look so daunting!!
Other than that we are greatly anticipating next week when we get our last ultrasound and a chance to take a peek a baby bear's face, which I have missed so much! 
Thank you again to all you who have been writing in with advice and support - I value it so much!

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