Weekend of 10.12.12

8:11 AM

By this past Saturday morning we were finally bug and humidity free! We woke up to cold floors which demanded we don woolly socks immediately and hide out under the covers until the heat warmed up the house. For the rest of the day I proceeded to make all my autumnal dreams come true - we pulled out the flannel, made pumpkin pancakes and apple pumpkin bread (I'm a firm believer that there is NO such thing as "too much pumpkin"), went on a walk to take in the leaves and lunched on butternut squash soup. It really was the perfect day. I tell you this next to Christmas (it's totally a tie that no one could break) is my favorite time of the year. For some reason sweaters, ruddy cheeks, snow and crisp breezes are when I'm in my element. I suppose it's quite exciting that our baby will be born into this most wonderful time of the year. Though I must admit I am praying to everything holy that baby comes no later that his/her due date as I know how much people hate when their birthday is too close to Christmas. After all it's such a monster of a holiday (in the best way possible of course). Here's to hoping!

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